NLC sponsored Phander Winter Sports Festival concludes

To promote traditional sports events and winter tourism, National Logistics Corporation (NLC) sponsored the 3rd edition of Winter Sports Festival in the scenic Phander valley of Ghizer District in Gilgit-Baltistan. The event is being organized by Ghizer Support Network (GSN) in collaboration with AKRSP Local Council Phander.

The sports gala attracted a large number of visitors from across Gilgit-Baltistan and other parts of the country stimulating reasonable socio-economic activity, and providing a seasonal source of recreation for locals.

The Phander Winter Sports Festival included Ice Hockey (male and female) and other traditional games. The most important aspect of the sports gala was the women's inclusivity as a large number of girls participated in different games especially the Ice Hockey.

It may be mentioned here that NLC is undertaking various development projects of national importance in different areas of GB. NLC in the past has sponsored sports events like Shandur Polo Festival and Phander Polo tournament. This endeavor was aimed at promotion of healthy activities amongst the youth offering them a space for personal growth, skill development, and the cultivation of a positive lifestyle.

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