NLC Construction Solutions

NLC Construction Solutions is a quality concrete product manufacturing plant located in Islamabad. 

The facility includes a state-of-the-art German origin plant by MASA (C) with a daily production capacity of up to 30,000 different products including pavers, curbstones, hollow blocks, tuff tiles etc. Apart from manifesting unique finish and strength, the buildings constructed with products of NLC Construction Solutions are more durable and environmentally friendly. With a team of highly skilled structural engineers and world-class value engineering solutions, NLC Construction Solutions has undertaken many important projects including land restoration and others. The construction and building solutions offered here are simply cutting-edge and the products of the plant have added exquisiteness to a large number of iconic buildings and mega projects like the Centaurus and Giga malls, Lake View Park, McDonald’s chain and Metro Bus project in the federal capital.


SizePieces Per:

1Hollow Block

100x200x400 mm (4x8x16-inch)

144 / Bundle

2Hollow Block

150x200x400 mm (6x8x16-inch)

96 / Bundle

3Hollow Block

200x200x400 mm (8x8x16-inch)

72 / Bundle

SizePieces Per:
1Solid Block
100x200x300 mm (4x8x12-inch)

132 / Bundle

2Solid Block
150x200x300 mm (6x8x12-inch)84 / Bundle
3Solid Block
200x200x300 mm (8x8x12-inch)72 / Bundle
SizePieces Per:
1Paver (Rectangular)
200x100x50 mm (8x4x2-inch)
200 SFT
2Paver (Rectangular)
200x100x60 mm (8x4x2.4-inch)173 SFT
3Paver (Rectangular)
200x100x80 mm (8x4x3.2-inch)133 SFT
SizePieces Per:
1Paver (Uni)
225x112x60 mm (9×4.5×2.4-inch)158 SFT
2Paver (Uni)
225x112x80 mm (9×4.5×3.2-inch)
122 SFT
SizePieces Per:
300x150x450 mm (12x6x18-inch)
30 Pcs


  • Our products conform to American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards:

C90/C129/C140 /C140M – 20a/C963/C963M

  • More durable and environment friendly, allowing no seepage
  • Concrete masonry unit blocks are up to 4 hours fire rated
  • Almost 30 percentage less construction cost than kiln-bricks

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