Transport Contractor Registration

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Size Flat Bed Container High Wall Half Body Low Bed
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Additional Information *

Affidavit of court stamp paper worth of Rs.100 that firm is not black listed by any Govt org.
Affidavit Rs.100 that owner/Partners/Firm are not involved in court cases/Tn of contraband items.
Affidavit Rs.100 that owner/Partners/Firm are not members of any pvt tpt union and will not join while working with NLC, if we find out, your regn will be automatically cancel.
Affidavit Rs.100 that Firm will work efficiency and not participate in any bidding against NLC without obtaining NOC fron NLC.
Security of Rs. 2 M in the form of pay order for induction in NLC.
Experience certificate of firm from previous org worked for.