NLC lifts over 600,000 tons of wheat from ports to upcountry

Rawalpindi,:National Logistics Corporation (NLC) is carrying out one of the largest wheat transportation operation in recent history and has so far transported more than 600,000 tons of wheat from Karachi Ports to various storage facilities in upcountry.

The transportation operation started in mid-October following import of wheat by Government of Pakistan to avert looming crisis of most important staple food in the country. Since then, NLC is busy in round the clock transportation and has employed all-weather and all-terrain vehicles to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential grain to the end consumers.

NLC has handled discharge of multiple wheat vessels at ports. Around 10,000 to 15,000 tons of wheat is being transported on daily basis from port city of Karachi to the storage facilities in Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan. The supply chain is being maintained through state-of-the-art real time monitoring and tracking of complete movement which not only helps in timely delivery but also guards against any untoward incident.

NLC is braving challenges like movement through dense fog that has enveloped many parts of Sindh and Punjab as well as slippery conditions in snow clad valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan. Special chains are being fitted to the tires of heavy vehicles to gain maximum traction while driving through snow and ice in the northern regions of Pakistan. The efforts have resulted in sufficient supplies of wheat in far flung areas.

A total of 1050000 tons of wheat will be transported by NLC out of which lifting of 612000 tons has already been completed. The operation is scheduled to be concluded by last week February.

It merits mention here that NLC played crucial role in resolving wheat crisis in Sindh at the start of year 2020 and transported over 350,000 tons of wheat from PASSCO godowns in Punjab and Balochistan to Sindh Food Department storage facilities in Karachi and other cities.

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