NLC’s Gabd terminal will formalise border trade

The National Logistics Corporation’s (NLC) border terminal at the Gabd-Rimdan crossing with Iran will benefit the local people by creating employment opportunities and boost trade through formal means.

The Iranian government has already set up a terminal on the Gabd-Rimdan border with the latest facilities. However, there is no check on the flow of trade on the Pakistani side due to the lack of such facilities and infrastructure.

It was against this backdrop that NLC was approached by the Federal Board of Revenue to establish a border terminal at Gabd.

Currently, trade through the border crossing is largely being conducted through informal or semi-formal channels leading to smuggling, under-invoicing, unreliable weight estimates, and incorrect vehicle tallies, which undermine the revenue.

The local populace will gain significantly from this facility, reaping substantial benefits through heightened business activities and a surge in both direct and indirect employment prospects.

The Gabd border crossing was “strategically positioned at BP-250” and land acquisition for the new terminal was carried out after an extensive planning process. The land acquired for the terminal falls beyond the geographical limits of the existing business terminal and other local establishments. It termed the concerns reportedly raised by locals as being “totally baseless”.

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