First convoy of cargo trucks on its way from China to Pakistan

The first convoy of cargo trucks is on its way from China to Pakistan, as trade started between Pakistan and China under international road transport.

Cross-border transportation of goods has for the first time started under the United Nations International Road Transport Convention in collaboration with National Logistics Corporation (formerly known as National Logistics Cell) of Pakistan and CEVA Logistics, a well-known Chinese company.

This important development took place on the occasion of the10th anniversary of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

A ceremony was held at Kashgar Yuanfang International Logistics Port Company for the official launch of the TIR service. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of NLC, Kashgar Customs, Municipal Committee officials, CEVA Logistics and Cross-Border E-Commerce Association.

The speakers highlighted the importance of the TIR transport route from Kashgar to Islamabad and shed light on the future plans for transportation of goods under the TIR between the two countries.

The project will provide an efficient and safe land route to connect the landlocked Central Asian states.

Thanks to simplified and coordinated customs procedures at the borders, the cross-border movement of TIR goods will be possible faster and more safely.

This will not only reduce time, but also cost. At the end of the ceremony, the first convoy of cargo trucks left for Pakistan.

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