NLC successfully completes maiden Kinnow shipment to Russia

National Logistics Corporation (NLC) achieved another major breakthrough in regional connectivity when a convoy of reefer trucks of NLC loaded with citrus fruit entered from the Russian Federation.

Originating from Bhalwal in the Sargodha Division, these vehicles embarked on their journey, traversing through three different countries before entering Russia via the Magaramkent – Sky border crossing point from Azerbaijan. The launch of NLC's reefer service marks a significant milestone in the cold chain with transportation of Kinnow in temperature-controlled refrigerated containers. Covering a staggering distance of over 4000 kilometers, this convoy comprises 16 vehicles, with 14 destined for Derbent and 2 heading towards Grozny city in Russia.

The reefer service signifies as important development for Pakistan's agricultural sector. According to estimates from the “Pakistan Export Strategy Logistics”, approximately 40% of agricultural produce, particularly perishables, is lost due to the absence of a cold chain. The operationalization of this service will not only minimize the wastage of agricultural produce but it will also contribute towards improving the socio-economic conditions of farmers.

A reception ceremony commemorating the arrival of NLC trucks was held at Derbent city. The event was attended by representatives of the International Road Transport Union IRU, officials from the Russian Customs department, and Pakistan's diplomatic mission in Russia. The participant welcomed initiation of land-based transportation between the two countries and hoped that such an exchange will be further streamlined by devising an institutional mechanism for cross border trade and transit.

It's worth mentioning that NLC has previously transported bananas, meat, and seafood to countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China.

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