Road Freight

Liquid Cargo

NLC maintains the largest OGRA compliant fleet to ensure public safety and environmental protection while transporting petroleum products for long distances. NLC lifts more than 60% of Pakistan's total crude oil production from far-flung oil fields to various refineries. The portfolio also extends to other businesses of liquid transportation like white oil, furnace oil and edible oil etc.

Dry Cargo

NLC runs one of the country`s largest dry cargo operations covering more than one hundred destinations from ports in the south to locations as far as Gilgit-Baltistan in the north. NLC has a diversified fleet of flatbed, half-body and high-wall trailers for dry bulk shipping safely and swiftly to industrial units and consumers. The freighting is being conducted 24/7 to meet the deadlines of clients well in time.

Log Dry Cargo

TIR Operations

The National Logistics Corporation (NLC), Pakistan’s leading multimodal logistics organization is at the forefront of building regional connectivity and transforming trade. NLC is extending valuable contributions towards boosting economic activities by ensuring cost-effective and time-efficient movement of goods from the point of origin to the destination.

TIR operations , are the key to unlocking new markets and connecting businesses across the region. With the help of TIR operations, NLC now offers an opportunity for business entities to transport their goods by road in 10-15 days from Pakistan to Central Asia, Turkiye, Azerbaijan, China & Russia..

Water Service

With an annual lifting capacity of 624 million gallons, this segment is actively engaged in provision of clean water to government and commercial organizations in Karachi.

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